How It Works


At TopDoc Connect, our focus is on our members. Our mission is to quickly connect our members and their doctor to the right medical specialist with proven expertise to treat their condition and speed their journey to better health. Here is how TopDoc Connect works to guide our members to the care they need.

We listen to you

1) We listen to you

When a member contacts us, the first step our Specialty Care Consultants take is to simply listen and take time to understand his or her medical situation, preferences, insurance coverage and other needs.

Find your match

2) We find your match

With the oversight of our medical experts, we then identify a selection of leading specialists who have the right kind of clinical expertise to help. We deliver the clinical biographies of each selection, to allow members and their doctors to make an informed choice.

We set the course

3) We set the course

We pave the way for access to the chosen specialist and work to obtain an appointment in the shortest timeframe possible. Our target matching and physician relations help ensure we can schedule members more quickly than would otherwise be possible.

Hear our Medical Director, Molly Thomas, MD, explain what a member can expect when calling TopDoc Connect.