The Employer Health Benefits Dilemma

Did you know most of the claims driving up costs are connected to specialty care? Of those who require referrals for specialty care services each year, only a small percentage (10%) are contributing to the majority (more than 65%) of annual claims costs.1

Employees who need specialty care have no objective way to identify and get timely access to the right specialist, resulting in multiple referrals, wasted money and time away from home and work, and often ineffective care.

How do you help employees and their families facing a healthcare crisis and manage the rising cost of providing specialty care?

Fulfilling an Unmet Need

Employees need objective, expert guidance and timely access to the right specialists to confirm their diagnosis and receive the most appropriate treatment plan. Employers need a solution that can help reduce claims costs as well as have more present, productive and healthy employees.

Developed and run by the leading minds in medicine, TopDoc Connect fulfills this unmet need for both employers and employees. It only takes a phone call to provide your employees with guidance to the right specialists who can confirm their diagnosis and deliver the right treatment plan. With TopDoc Connect, you can:

  • Save the cost of unnecessary claims
  • Enable wellness and disease management programs to be more effective
  • Allow the employee to return to health — and work — faster

Learn how TopDoc Connect works.

1 Halvorson, GC. "Healthcare Reform Now!: A Prescription for Change." San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass; 2007.

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