How does the TopDoc Connect service work?

When you receive a diagnosis (from a primary care doctor or urgent care facility), call TopDoc Connect to get matched to top physician specialists with the exact experience and expertise to treat your condition. TopDoc Connect supports routine, as well, as serious conditions (excluding behavioral health and addiction).

What’s the value in using the TopDoc Connect service?

Research shows that most Americans will get a wrong diagnosis or the wrong direction on treatment at least once in their lives. Here are a few examples:

  • Beverly was diagnosed as having multiple sclerosis, a disabling disease that she received all types of medication for, but with no relief. It’s only 10 years later she discovers she actually has Lyme’s disease.
  • Tommy’s doctors said he had ADHD. The medication he was prescribed actually caused more harm than good. Later it was discovered he had an auditory processing disorder, where the brain doesn’t process sounds properly.
  • Andrew sought treatment for a spot on his arm, and it was treated by freezing the area twice. It was only when it grew back a third time that he went to a different doctor and discovered he had advanced skin cancer that required surgery and radiation treatments.
  • Jackie was told nothing was wrong, and only after 2 years and multiple tests and doctor visits was it discovered that she actually had hyperthyroidism.

These are just a few examples of the devastating effects of getting it wrong. After all, with the wrong diagnosis, you are not being treated for what’s actually causing the problem so it’s likely you are still suffering. In some cases, like Andrew’s, the delayed diagnosis required more aggressive treatments. Another problem is getting treatment that you don’t need, which can actually have side effects that can cause harm. TopDoc Connect was created to help people avoid the devastating effects of misdiagnosis and wrong treatments.

Is TopDoc Connect insurance?

No. This program is not insurance.

Can TopDoc Connect be used with insurance?

When you call TopDoc Connect to find a physician specialist, you can indicate your insurance preference, but we cannot guarantee available specialists will accept your coverage. We will help you by confirming if any recommended specialists accept your insurance. 

How do the Take Me Home services work?

Once you enroll, you get access to the Take Me Home services after a 30-day waiting period. When you are traveling more than 100 miles from home, you can contact Take Me Home for medical and dental referrals for emergency or urgent care, emergency-related travel arrangements, lost or stolen passport replacement and much more. If you’re hospitalized, you can receive a fully-paid air evacuation to a hospital of your choice.

Who can use the TopDoc Connect with Take Me Home services?

Depending on your enrollment level, the services may be used by any member, spouse or dependent. Individual memberships include only the participant. Family memberships will include you and your immediate household or dependents. Extended family membership will provide services to you, your dependents and your parents or adult children. The travel services can be used when you are 100 miles from home. 

How many times can I use TopDoc Connect with Take Me Home?

You and your family may use TopDoc Connect as many times as needed.


ArmadaHealth is an independent company and does not have any legal or financial relationship with the physicians we recommend.

TopDoc Connect is facilitated by ArmadaHealth and subject to their terms and conditions; ArmadaHealth is not a provider of healthcare or medical treatment or advice. TopDoc Connect services do not include behavioral health or addiction.

A registered mark of UnitedHealthcare Global, Take Me Home is available when traveling 100 miles or more from home. Global Assistance and Take Me Home emergency services are provided by UnitedHealthcare Global and subject to their terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions.