Member Stories

No one can explain the TopDoc Connect difference better than our members. Watch and listen to our members talk about how making the right connection made all the difference for them.


Sports Injuries Require the Right Specialist

Lacrosse has always been a huge part of TJ's life. When he injured his ankle during his first college practice, he saw his dreams disappearing in front of his eyes. TJ turned to TopDoc Connect to find a specialist that knew how to treat his specific injury. TopDoc Connect matched him to a doctor who specialized in sports injuries. Getting the right specialty medical care got him back on the field in no time.

The Best Doctor for My Condition

Michelle was devastated when she found out she had cancer for a second time. She didn't know where to turn. Thanks to TopDoc Connect, Michelle was able to find and access the right specialist to help calm her fears and face the battle again.

Guidance and Access to the Best Doctor with One Call

Michelle’s father was diagnosed with two different conditions, a carotid artery and lung cancer. Doctors recommended surgery for both. After barely surviving his first surgery, Michelle and her father both knew he wouldn’t be able to do it again in his condition. Michelle called TopDoc Connect to seek out other possible treatment plans that would better fit her father’s specific needs.

How to Find the Best Doctor in a Specialty Field

Lindsay’s son was diagnosed with asthma at a young age. When pneumonia and the flu hit him simultaneously, he was rushed to the hospital, unable to breathe. Lindsay called TopDoc Connect and was put in touch with a top pediatrician who helped Lindsay make the tough decisions that ultimately led to her son’s recovery. For Lindsay, TopDoc Connect means relief and support.

My Search for a Top Physician Specialist

After having sinus problems for years, Jason found out he had a large growth in his maxillary sinus cavity. His doctor immediately recommended surgery as his best treatment option, without discussing any others. TopDoc Connect put Jason in touch with a specialist who was willing to explore other treatment options. Jason was able to avoid an invasive surgery with a different treatment that he felt was much better for him.

I was Matched to the Best Physician Specialist

When Jamie was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, she found a general neurologist who gave her the choice of not taking medication. Uncomfortable with her lack of treatment path, Jamie went to TopDoc Connect and found a neurologist who specialized in MS. Together they came up with a treatment plan that would work best for Jamie.